April 11, 2013

Shop: Juggler's Guild

Julius Upton had a dream. It was to bring the art of juggling to the masses. When his parents died unexpectantly he was able to live his dream through the sorrow. His family had been successful gem cutters and when they died he came into some money. He immediately bought a large hall, bought the papers to create a Guild and brought in all types of juggling supplies to sell. He then put on free displays of juggling and gave instructions on how to join the Juggler’s Guild. And no one came. Not a single person was interested in joining the Juggler’s Guild nor even to learn how to juggle. Julius put in renewed effort to promote juggling as an art and skill for everyone, but still there was no interest.

The building is now in some disrepair as Julius’ inherited money has run out. The bright paint on the outside has dulled and is peeling in spots. The third step leading up the entrance has broken at one point and now has a hole in it. One of the entry doors sticks and hasn’t been opened in months. The Guild Hall still boasts a store of juggling supplies but everything is covered in a fine layer of dust. Some of the neighbors have started to complain about the shoddy fa├žade, but Julius has neither the money nor inclination to fix anything.

Julius Upton
Julius is a sad and morose young man. His dreams lie shattered from disinterest. He would quit juggling all together but it is all he has now, so he clings to it. He has withdrawn into himself, only coming out to give juggling expositions. He puts on a happy face at those times but it’s plain to see he has lost his passion. Worse yet, he has taken to talking to himself quietly, which many find rather disconcerting. He works a couple of days at a meat cutter’s which is barely enough to provide him with food; without the fact the Guild Hall is paid for, he’d have no where to live as well.

Adventure Ideas
-Julius has finally gotten a gig at court at a feast for a visiting noble. The local Assassins Guild has made contact with Julius and has strongly requested that he introduce juggling knives as part of his act. In fact, they will provide him with a specific set of knives that he is to bring into the feast and it would be wise for him to not touch the set before the act, for his own health. Julius is scared. He’s too scared not to go to the feast and too scared of what will happen if he does go. He contacts the characters to ask them to help him out of his predicament.
-Julius has a new pupil! Tiberius Tiislau has asked for juggling lessons from Julius and expressed an interest in joining the Guild. He has bought up much of the store’s supplies as well. In reality, the Guild Hall abuts a shop that sells magic items. His plan is for him and his gang of cutthroats to enter through the back wall of the Guild Hall where the magic shop’s magical protections are weakest. He is hoping to either distract Julius away from the Hall or even offer to buy the Juggler’s Guild from him. If those don’t work they will simply kill Julius the plan of their planned robbery. Bettani Hargrove, a neighbor of the Juggler’s Guild and a young woman with a crush on Julius, does not like Tiberius Tiislau and thinks he is out to harm Julius. She approaches the characters and asks them to look into the situation.

List of Medieval Entertainers
These could be found on the street performing for hand-outs, as part of a show, or in a court.
1)      Acrobat
2)      Animal Trainer
3)      Conjurer
4)      Dancer
5)      Fire-Eater
6)      Jester
7)      Juggler
8)      Mummer (Mime)
9)      Musician
10)   Poet
11)   Singer
12)   Storyteller

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