April 27, 2013

Shop: Xorn Leather

This is a fairly run of the mill leather shop. The proprietor, Sam Tully, sells only leather, but no leather goods; he lets other shops actually manufacture goods. His claim to fame, and the reason he opened a leather shop in the first place, was that he had managed to kill a Xorn when he was younger. He skinned the creature and made enough from the sale of the skin to a magician's guild that he was able to open this business. He still keeps the head mounted in the shop. Since then he has been a middleman selling the skins that others bring him; he has not hunted since then. He will also skin a creature brought to him and then sell it. Ay any given time the shop will have a couple of more exotic skins, such as drake or owlbear, brought in by a group of adventurers, but the majority of the stock is generic, ordinary leather. He will, however, not knowingly sell the hide of a sentient creature.

Sam Tully
He is now middle-aged, 37, and his fairly sedentary lifestyle has caused him to pack on a few extra pounds. For a man who makes a living as a salesman, he has an odd habit of never making eye contact. This is because he constantly feels ashamed. First is that he did not actually kill the Xorn that funded his business. Instead he came across it's corpse where it had apparently died of some injuries it had earlier sustained. When he brought the corpse into town the people cheered him as a mighty hero and he never seemed to get around to clearing up the confusion. Second, is that he later learned that Xorn can be intelligent creatures and the thought of skinning a sentient creatures makes him ill.

Adventure Ideas
-Unknown to Sam, some Xorn exhibit a measure of sentient and intellect. And they are out for revenge after all these years. The characters will likely first meet a band of Xorn as a random encounter, but the Xorn keep coming. The characters will be asked by the local authorities to find out why the Xorn continuously attack and eventually the trail will lead to Sam.
-A special request order has come into Xorn Leather. Sam Tully is far too inactive to actually go and get the hide himself, so he is looking to hire a group of adventurers to hunt down the creature and get it for him, all for a good price. This can be run multiple times, choosing a different monster each time to keep things interesting. The monster to be hunted can be chosen by you or randomly rolled from the following list.
List of Exotic Leather
1)      Ankheg
2)      Basilisk
3)      Bulette
4)      Carrion Crawler
5)      Darkmantle
6)      Dire Animal
7)      Displacer Beast
8)      Drake
9)      Gorgon
10)   Grey Render
11)   Grick
12)   Hellhound
13)   Hydra
14)   Manticore
15)   Nightmare
16)   Owlbear
17)   Purple Worm
18)   Rust Monster
19)   Umberhulk
20)   Worg
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