April 8, 2013

Shop: Glassworks

This shop specializes in glass of all types. Their predominant product are vials, dinnerware and other containers.  However, they are adept at creating clear glass and are expanding into the use of glass for windows. Clear glass is expensive to make and thus far only the wealthy can afford it but there is enough demand to warrant expansion. They also do excellent work with colored glass, finding new designs that appeal to the public. Of course, they are also the go-to manufacturer of magicians looking for specialized laboratory supplies.

One thing very few people know is that the shop also has a side business of selling supplies to the local guild of assassins. Actually the side business is the solo project of one of the glassworkers, Dal Tico'ne. He creates such items as glass daggers, easily breakable poison globes and miniscule glass shards that can be added to food.

Idera Sill
She has been a glassworker all her life and is the fourth generation of her family line to work in glass. She has taken the family business and grown it larger with the introduction of clear glass and good business sense. She is older and has only one child, Grenar. He is the heir to the business but he knows little about glasswork. Instead he focuses on the business end of the shop as a traveling salesman. Idera is disappointed in his lack of desire to learn the secrets of glasswork but at least he will continue the family business for another generation.

Dal Tico'ne
Dal is a very talented glassworker but has some personal demons. He has a serious gambling problem that put him debt to some wicked people. To get out of it he managed to create some glass tools they could use. Since then he has continued to provide these tools and gets a fair amount of gold in return...which he then gambles away.

Adventure Ideas
-Idera is nervous. She has been commissioned again to create a glass coffin. She had assumed the first order was the lark of a person with too much money. After all, a coffin gets buried so the ability to see through a coffin does neither the living or the dead any good. She fears there may be something nefarious about the glass coffins. In reality, a coven of vampires has come to the idea that glass coffins can be used as an extra precaution as they sleep; they can see who approaches instead of being surprised when a potential adventurer opens a wooden coffin.
-A golem made completely of glass has been committing killings within the town. The Glassworks is the obvious suspect but Idera claims innocence. In fact, the golem is not connected to the Glassworks; the golem was created by Callinostros the Red, a mage who lost control of his current project. The golem has gone rogue but Callinostros fears the consequences of revealing his hand in its creation.

List of Laboratory Glassware
1)      Beaker
2)      Bell Jar
3)      Bottle
4)      Desiccator
5)      Flask
6)      Funnel
7)      Graduated Cylinder
8)      Petri Dish
9)      Retort
10)   Stirring Rod
11)   Test Tube
12)   Vial

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