April 22, 2013

Shop: Spirits Be Gone

This features the work of two former clerics who make a living removing ghosts and other malevolent spirits from homes. Brother Cadvel and Brother Beringer no longer belong to a church but still go by the monikers of Brother, calling each other "Brother" rather than their using their names. Most of their clients are not haunted by ghosts but rather by small animals or neighborhood kids. The Brothers put on a big show of "removing the evil spirits", remove the mundane cause (or tell the kids to lay off) and then charge full price for their services. However, there have been a couple of times when they have encountered real undead poltergeists and they were able to remove the spirits permanently.

Whatever god the two followed is unknown; some think Brother Beringer never was a priest. However, they both dress and act the part with what must be inside knowledge. Their activities have gained the attention of the local temples. Some ignore them but some are starting to see Spirits Be Gone as an unwanted thorn in their side.

Brother Cadvel
Cadvel is of average height but is stout, though there is definite muscle beneath his outer later of fat. He is the thinker of the two and does most of the talking. His mind is keen and he has an uncanny knack for sifting through information and coming up with the relevant and important parts. Of the two, most people think he was a former cleric and can still call upon his god for power. Brother Cadvel has a habit of taking an inordinate amount of time when responding to someone. This is him taking time to make sure he is responding accurately and succinctly.

Brother Beringer
Beringer is the brawnier of the two, standing over 6' tall and built of thick muscle. While Cadvel is the "front man" of the two of them, Beringer is still fairly smart and capable of finding a thoughtful solution to a problem. Violence just tends to be the easier way. Also, his tendency toward sarcasm and a lack of respect for authority figures tends to alienate people, especially those in positions of power. Brother Beringer has a habit of smacking his lips when bored or nervous.

Adventure Ideas
-Brother Beringer is acting funny. Brother Cadvel is concerned Beringer might be possessed by a legitimate spirit. He has asked the characters in to help, but makes it clear that they have to move carefully as the spirit could destroy Beringer's soul if openly attacked. Perhaps they can follow Beringer for some time and go through his things when they get a chance. In fact, Cadvel is the possessed one and is looking to create some havoc by driving Beringer insane, with the character's help.
-A mysterious figure approaches the characters offering to pay them if they will eliminate Brother Cadvel and Brother Beringer. The figure drops some unsubtle hints that he is a high-ranking member of a local temple. In fact, the figure is a ghost that inhabits a crypt the Spirits Be Gone crew is investigating. The ghost figures the characters will either kill the two or stir up some trouble for them through the temple.
-The Brothers come across a ghost they were unable to exorcise. They come to the characters looking for help and are willing to give them a cut of the pay.

List of the Word 'Ghost' in Other Languages
Aave                    Finnish
Aswang               Filipino
Draugur               Icelandic
Duch                   Czech
Fantome              French
Geist                   German
Hantu                  Indonesian
Hayalet               Turkish
Kummitus           Estonian
Larva                  Latin
Mzimu                Swahili
Pantasma            Galician
Spogelse             Danish
Szellem              Hungarian
Vaiduoklis          Lithuanian
Ysbryd               Welsh

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