April 26, 2013

Shop: Wine Shrine

As expected, this shop sells wine. It has the usual assortment of wines that can be found at various taverns and similar shops. They do try to carry a wide selection. Whereas a tavern or inn might carry only a couple of wines, the Wine Shrine, carries about twenty different types ranging from chardonnay to merlots. Their prices run normal and range from a cheap bottle to some of the more expensive ones.

However, their claim to fame and what sets them truly apart is the Centaur Pressing. This bubbly wine appears in the shop on the first day every three months. There are only ever 100 bottles of the wine, they are priced very high and they are gone usually in a day. Wine connoisseurs, and even those with nothing but a taste for alcohol, claim this is the finest wine ever produced. People are willing to pay almost any price for a bottle and do so happily. The owner of the Wine Shrine, Pe’re Caville, has to date refused to reveal where he gets the wine. All anyone knows is that the week before the day of the sale he heads out with a wagon full of empty bottles and then he reappears the day before the sale with a wagon full of the wine.

The truth of the mysterious wine is that Pe’re was once an adventurer, the cleric for a group called the Special League. During one of their adventures they came across the Bloody Eye goblin tribe. This tribe was fairly weak and hurriedly offered to pay the adventurers off to make them go away. In the pay-off was a bottle of wine they had made. It was absolutely fabulous. Sometime soon thereafter the Special League split up (due to a romantic triangle that ended bitterly) and Pe’re decided to retire from the dangers of adventuring. Not sure what to do he thought again about the Bloody Eye tribe and their wine. Seeking them out he negotiated buying the wine they had made and he resold it in town. People wanted more. So he again went to the goblin tribe and came back with more. And that sold just as fast and for a higher price. Since then, Pe’re decided to open the Wine Shrine selling a variety of wine and the occasional sale of Centaur Pressing. And the name, Centaur Pressing? Pe’re decided to direct people’s attention away from goblins as the source of the wine by making them think centaurs are somehow involved in its production. So far, it’s worked.

Pe’re Caville
Pe’re has managed to stay in shape from leading a fairly regimented lifestyle that he carried over into his retirement. The only indication that he is getting older is his receding hairline. Pe’re is enjoying his semi-retirement. Other than procuring the Centaur Pressing he does little of the day-to-day management of the Wine Shrine. The rest of the time he frequents taverns, shows and other entertainments. And when there is nothing exciting going on in town he likes to go fishing, a hobby he has recently picked up.

Adventure Ideas
-Pe’re Caville is looking to hire some guards on his next trip to gather the Centaur Pressing as he fears a more violent attempt will be made to follow him to his source. The characters are hired to keep him safe and then wait for him as he goes on alone. After the trip is made successfully (after fighting off a couple of ambushes) the characters are offered money by a rival merchant to reveal everything they know about the trip.
-Pe’re Caville comes to the characters with an unusual request. There has been an uprising in the number of attacks from local orcs and goblins. Local authorities have called a hunt on them and are offering bounties. Pe’re knows the Bloody Eye Tribe is not involved. Pe’re wants the characters to deal with the other orc and goblin attackers and to make sure that the Bloody Eye Tribe is kept safe from other adventurers.

List of Wines by Race
This can be used in an encounter where you want to add in a bit more flavor. They can be served when in a racial community or found as part of a treasure.
Fiery Red                                      Dragonborn
Husk Harvest                                Dragonborn
Foundry Grape                              Dwarf
Special Reserve Mead                   Dwarf
West Wind Assemblage                Elf
Leaf Whisper Preserve                  Elf
Apple Appellation                         Halfling
Sparkling Burst                             Halfling
Robust Premier                             Human
Grand Dry                                     Human
Fermented Growth                        Gnome
Moonberry Wine                           Gnome
Black Grape                                   Orc
Ever Red                                        Orc
Dark Amber                                   Tiefling
Shadowberry Wine                        Tiefling

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