September 28, 2011

Supervillain: Ifrit


Ifrit was summoned from his home plane to our world by Sha’ir, a summoner of Jinn. Ifrit proved far too powerful for him and easily broke his bonds. Since then Ifrit has made his way through the world, doing much as he pleased. Eventually he ran afoul of some of the more powerful heroes of this world and was beaten in a straight-up fight.

Since then, Ifrit has taken a new approach. He has become a criminal mastermind who leads forces of crime. While he still enjoys the occasional act of “getting his hands dirty”, he lets others take the fall while he continues to reap the benefits.

His goals at this point appear to be nothing but the accumulation of wealth, though with his new found power of organization, he may soon take his interests in new directions, such as control of other organizations and politcal groups.

September 27, 2011

Supervillain: Marid


Marid is a jinn recently summoned by Sha’ir, a member of the mercenary group known as Jihad. Marid managed to break free and gain his freedom. He is relatively weak currently, but as time goes on he will quickly become more powerful. (His stats below are for right after he was summoned. He will in a very short period of time rise in level, eventually slowing down once he reaches 25-28th level.) Eventually he will become a major villain. Marid is an Elite, but he is able to create water elemental creatures to assist him (choose approapriate level water elemental monsters) and they act as supplemental forces. He should be considered a Solo encounter.

Marid is a natural enemy of Ifrit. Once they realize they are on the same world they will constantly be drawn to fight each other, both physically and through proxies. Their conflict will be a source of many potential adventures.

September 26, 2011

Superhero Adventure: Bodyguards


Hakeem al Din is a Muslim moderate, outspoken in his call for unity of mankind. For his ideals on the rights of all men, regardless of their faith, to live and prosper, he has long been targeted by extremists. And yet his influence continues to grow. There have been several attempts on his life and he has withstood them all; many see this as a sign he is blessed and thus his words carry more weight. Every failed assassination attempt bolsters his cause.

He is now making his way to the United States to garner more support and money. Anticipating further attempts on his life the government has asked the player characters to act as his bodyguards while he is within the States. Of course, this wouldn’t be worth writing up as an adventure if there wasn’t going to be such an attempt.

September 21, 2011

Superorganization: Aphotic Accord

The Aphotic Accord

This is an evil organization whose goal is control from behind the scenes. Their normal methodology is to gain control over individuals through a variety of means; bribery, blackmail, threats, impersonations.

The Accord is broken into several different branches. Each has control over certain areas and methodology.

Ebon- Logistics
Dusk- Violence
Obsidian- Science
Onyx- Money
Raven- Face/Leadership
Stygian- Occult
Sable- Seduction

September 20, 2011

Supervillain: EM


EM is a sentient electromagnetic field, accidently created by Professor Adrian Richie. One of the Professor’s first acts after the “birth” of EM was to try and shut down the “haywire field” not realizing the field was now sentient. EM did not look kindly upon this attempt upon his life.

EM is able to control electrical devices and animate them. EM himself has no physical body but rather inhabits a host electrical device. From there he can control other devices that use electricity. So far, it has been noted that his control has a range of about 50’. EM is also able to generate an electrical stasis field.

Defeating EM is not usually a matter of beating him up, but rather a skill challenge as the players try to remove EM from whatever device he is hosting within.

September 19, 2011

Superhero Adventure: EMo Birthing

EMo Birthing

Professor Adrian Richie is a chemist. He has dedicated his life to the study of electromagnetism, but he comes at it from a chemical approach. Similar to how electricity can be produced chemically, he has spent years trying to do the same thing but in the field of electromagnetism.

Recently he has gone missing. His daughter Elena Richie regularly meets him for dinner once a week but he has missed the last two meetings and she is now worried. She has, of course, called him but he can be forgetful and distracted at times, so she didn’t worry too much the first time he missed their dinner. However, now she is worried.

The Professor has done some high-level work for the government so they had mandated some defenses be installed in his lab area, such as the Inverse Field.

September 15, 2011

Superorganization: FBI:PB


This is a branch of the United States FBI, specifically the Powers Branch (yes, it is called the Peanut Butter division by some). It was set up expressly to deal with national crimes involving those with powers. This includes crimes committed by those with powers as well as crimes against those with powers. To help augment their non-powers they have been given several ROC Suits (Rigid Offensive Combatants).

• Executive Assistant Director Gerald Horowitz- Oversees the branch.
• Associate Executive Assistant Director Edward Rupert- Assistant to the Executive Assistant Director.
• Countermeasures Division Officer Sam Simmons- In charge of tactics and deployment against those with powers.
• Materials Officer Madge Swift- In charge of the ROC Suits and other “gadgets”.
• Genetic Materials Officer Hugh Wright- In charge of power studies; this includes cataloging power types and those that use them.

ROC Suit
These are Rigid Offensive Combatants or combat armor. They are in use throughout the United States police forces, including the FBI. There are a few sprinkled throughout some other US government branches, most notably the military and CIA. They are very expensive to make otherwise there would be even more in use.

For now their primary use is in dealing with those with powers. They are issued in Mark versions, with the Mark I being the first to be produced as a non-prototype model with successive Marks being released thereafter. There are some rumors starting to spread of newer designs that are more militarily oriented, some that focus on stealth and some that can be operated either by remote control or through a sophisticated software program.

September 14, 2011

Supervillain: Chindogu


He creates strange, almost Rube Goldberg, devices for hire. He is amoral and is willing to hire out and make anything ask for, no matter the consequences to others. Given the right resources he can make almost anything, but actually needs initiative; he generally lacks goals (other than accumulating money) and needs someone else to give him a project.

His base of operations is usually filled with bizarre traps and defense systems. He has also managed to create a substance, which he calls Referite that reflects anything that strikes it. His lairs are usually covered in this material given him unparalleled protection.

Typical encounters to be found in a Chindōgu Lair:

-Riddle of Horror. Characters encounter a riddle next to a button on a box. If they answer correctly and push the button they get something that lets them pass on, such as a key. Otherwise oil sprays out of the box in all directions and then lit matches fall from the ceiling.

-Set of Fear. The characters reach a room where they must reach a hatch at the base of large pit. The pit is filled with acid. Also in the room are stray components of Referite. The players must construct a machine that will carry them down into the pit and allow them to open the hatch. Give them a real erector set.

-Parts of Fright. The room is filled with random construction parts, much like a large erector set. After a couple of minutes in the room, the parts will pull themselves together into Erector Constructs and attack.

-Shadows of Dismay. This large room is filled with pillars and statues and is lit by torches along the walls. The shadows that are cast are not really shadows. They are in fact pits painted to look exactly like shadows.

-Balls of Terror. The walls and floor of this large room are filled with strange contraptions; they look much like large Mouse Trap constructions. As soon as the aprty enters the doors shut and balls start to run through the contraptions. Roll for initiative and when it’s the contraption's turn one or more balls will set off something dangerous that attacks the party (a ball hits a lever that sets off a flame thrower, a ball knocks loose an iron that falls on a character, etc). This is a Skill Challenge as the character work to disable the set of contraptions.

-Floor of Dread. The floor is trapped such that certain tiles will explode. Which tiles will explode changes each turn.

-Corridor of Doom. This long corridor is a series of dangerous things. One section is super-cold, one shoots flames, one has blades on the floor/walls/ceiling, and one has the floor coated in Tabasco sauce. Normally this wouldn’t be a major problem but at the end of the corridor is a contraption that shoots out one or more long cables (made of Referite) that entangles a character and proceeds to drag them down the corridor. There is a set of bars after each section which only opens after a cable has been shot down the hallway. At the end of the hallway it is possible to shut off the contraption, but there is also an Erector Construct here.

-Niche of Death. Something the characters need to progress (such as a key on a string) is at the back end of a narrow and deep niche. If anyone jostles the string or steps on the floor, the walls slam shut causing a good bit of damage.

September 13, 2011

Supervillain: Gestalt


Gestalt is an amalgam creature born during the last days of WWII. Majdanek was a concentration camp in Poland. Estimates figure over 70,000 people were killed here during the war. The spirits of many of those killed would not go on, lingering over the horror that was the extermination camp. In June of 1944 the Soviets were moving rapidly toward the camp and the Germans were forced to flee. One officer, Sturmbannführer (Major) Karl Weiss refused to leave, as he felt this impinged his honor, and took his own life as the Soviets came within sight of the camp.

The death of Karl Weiss, along with the thousands of angry spirits, created the being known as Gestalt.

Gestalt is now driven by fierce anger and revenge. It lashes out at all living things. At times personalities will overcome the others and actively pursue a plan, though these times are rare and often interrupted as other personalities hold sway at different times. It is during these times of faint lucidity that Gestalt becomes truly dangerous.

September 12, 2011

Superhero Adventure: Brain Loss

Brain Loss

Gestalt has come up with a new plan of revenge. Gestalt believes it can travel back in time if it has enough power and believes this power can be gained from the minds of others. And when it means minds it means the literal brain.

Gestalt is a purely psychic entity and part of its consciousness has determined that using more brain energy will augment its own abilities, so much so that it will be able to travel back in time and kill Adolf Hitler, the cause of so much of its pain. Thus it has begun a program of taking brains from people. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the personalities willing to follow through on this plan are not always in charge of the gestalt, so Gestalt is moving slowly, though has been picking up pace recently.

Thus far no one knows Gestalt is behind the killings, but the FBI is aware of the string of killings. They have deemed this a case of a serial killer and have given him the name of the Mind Killer.

September 9, 2011

Supervillain: Jahar


Jahar is physically the weakest of the Jihad. However, he more than makes up for this with his ability to confuse and dazzle his enemies. Jahar is faithful, but he is not a fanatic. He believes religion should be a choice not a mandate. However, he is loyal to his fellow members of Jihad.

Supervillain: Shaitan


Shaitan is an overlooked sin of the Jihad. To the outside world Shaitan is a human who can assume the form of his enemies to better destroy them, but the Islamic organization Jihad knows that Shaitan is a demon and a creature of sin. However, they value his power too much, so for now, they are willing to turn a blind eye to his origin and some of his more wicked acts. For now they control Shaitan through the Crimson Eye, an artifact to which Shaitan’s soul is bound.

Shaitan himself is seeking to sow as much discord and despair throughout the world and feels the Jihad will allow him to do just that. He knows there are rules for working within the Jihad organization and he is willing to follow them mostly. However, he is also constantly looking for ways to push those boundaries without upsetting them too much, as they have the power to send him back to Hell. If he could find a way to break their hold over him, he would do so in a second and make his own way through the world.

September 8, 2011

Supervillain: Sha'ir


Sha’ir can summon jinn to do his bidding. The jinn he can most easily summon is his Gen, a small imp. During combat Sha’ir spends his time controlling and giving orders to his Gen and allows his Gen to provide support for the rest of his group. Sha’ir can summon other, more powerful, jinn but ever since he summoned Ifrit he has been loathe to try it again. Perhaps once he has gained some more experience he will resume his conjurations.

Sha’ir is a member of the Jihad. Part of him is not happy with the mercenary aspect of the group, but he understands why it exists and can accept it, even if it does not bring him happiness.

Sha’ir considers the summoning and release of Ifrit as one of his biggest failures. He is willing to work with people he normally would be opposed to if they can aid him in ridding the world of Ifrit.

Supervillain: Mamluk


Mamluk is a member of the Islamic mercenary company, Jihad. He has several tattoos on his body that is the source of his powers. Mamluk was raised in the Islamic faith but drifted away when he was young. He eventually took part in much sin and debauchery, including the sin of having tattoos applied to his body. When his powers manifested he took this as a sign from God that his sins were catching up to him. He soon thereafter renewed his faith and his previous life of sin has led him to be very hard-line now.

There are some fundamentalists who say that while keeping tattoos is acceptable within the Islamic faith as they are forgiven their sins upon becoming a Muslim, there are some who say that Mamluk is continuing to sin by using the tattoos. For now, Mamluk ignores them.

September 7, 2011

Supervillain: Faris


Faris is a member of the Jihad, an Islamic mercenary group. He is known for his martial prowess, particularly his speed and precision. He primarily uses a short spear as his weapon of choice. He has built a blue light into the head of the spear in an attempt to mislead his opponents into thinking the spear is the source of his powers. After his enemies direct their attacks on the spear he falls back to his daggers or hands to inflict the same damage.

Faris likes to dart in and out of combat. If he is fighting another melee opponent he likes to move into melee and then move out after, so they have to expend a move action to get to him. If he is engaged with a ranged attacker he prefers to stay close for possible opportunity attacks. However, if he can attack a ranged and then move out of line of sight he will do so.

Superorganization: Jihad


Jihad is an organization of Islamic fundamentalists with superpowers bent on disrupting the control of the satanic forces of the West. Or at least that is what they try to portray themselves as. In reality they are a bunch of mercenaries. While they are willing to take on Islamic causes, they only do so for money.

So far they have not been willing to fully engage the West and its superheroes. In truth it is because they see no profit in it, though that may change if they are paid enough. Word is spreading that they fear the Western superheroes and there may come a time soon where they will need to run some attacks against the West or be unable to find any work at all.

Current membership includes:

Faris- Martial warrior with speed and precision.
Mamluk- Wears tattoos that give him specialized powers.
Sha’ir- Support that uses his Gen to aid other team members. Summoner of jinn, but he has not done so since he summoned Ifrit to his and the world’s detriment.
Shaitan- Demon. Brute.
Jahar- Bedazzles and confuses the enemy.

September 6, 2011

Supervillain: Set


Whether it was an instinctual calling, an ancient plan, residual reincarnate knowledge or pure luck when Seth O’Malley picked up the Was Staff of Set and was transformed into the superbeing known as Set is unknown. Whether or not he is the actual Set from millennia ago or some crazed person with powers is unknown, but his power levels are high. For all intent and purposes he is Set and some say that if he has the powers of a god then he is a god.

Set works as a mastermind with the usual goals of domination. He has managed to gather a world-wide cult, the Cult of the Jackal, to do his bidding. Set is able to control his Cult in two manners. For the more intelligent and able followers he rewards them with power; for the rest he takes their mind and turns them into enthralled minions.

September 5, 2011

Superhero Adventure: Garden of Eden

The next few weeks will see some superhero adventures appearing on this website. On Mondays I will post the main adventure, with the following days being taken up by supplemental information such as details on villains, organizations, etc.

Garden of Eden

An archangel, Gabriel, has appeared before the world and has opened the way into the Garden of Eden for true believers to enjoy. This Garden is a thing of beauty among the desert. It lies within the Ash Sharqiyah section of the Rub' al Khali Desert, near the triple borders of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman.