December 8, 2015

Natura Ferina - 5E CR15 Legendary Monster

Natura Ferina

This gigantic creature looks as if the ground suddenly stood up and started walking. It is made up of dirt, grass, shrubs and small trees.

The Natura Ferina is the embodiment of wild, untamed nature. When civilization encroaches too much into the wilderness this creature is born and seeks to set back that which communities try to build. In all such cases, the natura ferina hunts the despoilers of nature.  
   A natura ferina comes about in a number of ways. Some spawn spontaneously when the depredations caused by the exploitation of civilization become too much for the land to bear. It is also said that some individuals that are close to nature, such as druids or elves, know of rituals that can summon the natura ferina. However, in either case, a natura ferina is born in hatred, hatred for those who exploit the land.
    Note that there is only one potential natura ferina for a given region. Once it is killed, it cannot be summoned again. Once the land has been cowed it succumbs to those who seek to use the land. Also, a natura ferina will not always spontaneously appear; sometimes the taming of a wild land is slow and measured and does not raise the ire of the land until its spirit is already too weak to do anything about it.

Lair Actions
The lair of a natura ferina is anywhere there is land, so they will most be in their lair. A natura ferina is one challenge rating higher while in its lair; Challenge Rating 16 (15,000 XP). On initiative count 20, the natura ferina can take one lair action to do one of the following:

·         A 20’ cube within 90’ of the natura ferina collapses leaving behind a 10’ pit. Anyone in the area must make a DC15 Dexterity saving throw or fall into the pit taking 1d6 falling damage. The sides of the pit slide back into the pit so a check to climb out requires a DC18 Athletics (Strength).
·         A 60 foot area centered on the natura ferina becomes difficult terrain.
·         A 20’ cube within 90 feet of the natura ferina comes alive as the grasses and roots try to grab enemies. Anyone in the area must make a DC18 Dexterity saving throw or become restrained. It requires an action from the target or an ally and a successful DC18 Strength check to break free. 

Regional Effects
The area near a natura ferina is wild and untamed. This changes the region as follows:

·         The area is considered to be difficult terrain.
·         Roads, trails and markers within 1 mile of the Natura ferina shift and change randomly.
·         Within 1 mile of the natura ferina, it is able to detect large groups of creatures (10 or more).
·         Animals not normally aggressive will become antagonistic toward humanoids. Smaller animals will not attack as they know they cannot prevail. However, larger animals may attack.

Natura Ferina
Gargantuan elemental, neutral
Armor Class 20 (natural armor)
Hit Points 290 ( D20 + )
Speed 40 ft.
STR           DEX         CON        INT          WIS          CHA
20 (+5)       15 (+2)      20 (+5)    10 (+0)      12 (+1)     10 (+0)
Saving Throws Dex +7, Con +10, Wis +6
Damage Resistance bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from a nonmagical weapon
Damage Immunities poison
Condition Immunities exhaustion, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, unconscious
Senses tremorsense 90’, passive perception 16
Languages Terran
Challenge 15 (13,000XP)

Creature of the Land. The natura ferina does not suffer difficult terrain penalties while on land.
Siege Monster. The natura ferina does double damage to objects and structures. 

Multiattack. The natura ferina makes two slam attacks.
Slam. Melee weapon attack: +8 to hit, reach 20 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (2d8+2) bludgeoning damage.
Landslide (Recharge 5-6). The natura ferina collapses forward into a wave of dirt, rocks and debris in a 90-foot cone. Everyone in the area must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw taking 56 (16d6) bludgeoning damage and falling prone on a failed save or half damage on a successful save.

Legendary Actions
The natura ferina can take 3 legendary actions as chosen from the list below. It may only use one legendary action at a time and only at the end of another creature’s action.  The natura ferina gains back the uses of its legendary actions at the beginning of its turn.

Attack. The natura ferina makes one slam attack.
Move. The natura ferina collapses into the ground and moves its speed without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Powerslam (Costs 2 Actions). The natura ferina attempts a powerful blow. Melee weapon attack: +12 to hit, reach 20 ft., one target. Hit: 26 (4d10+6) bludgeoning damage and the target is knocked 20 feet away and knocked prone.