June 9, 2015

5E Background - Gambler


The turn of the card or the roll of the dice have a clarion call to your soul. However, it goes beyond just games of chance, some like the thrill of not knowing how it will all end. Taking an action that leads into a situation that requires wit and will to get out of, that is what keeps life fresh and exciting.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight
Tool Proficiencies: Two types of gaming sets
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a set of bone dice, a deck of cards, a belt pouch containing 1-100gp

Feature: Ready Money
Always ready to make a wager, you can turn this into a way to maintain your basic needs. Anytime you are in a place where you could place a bet with a stranger (innkeeper, tavern patron, blacksmith, merchant, etc.) it is considered that you have food and lodging for the day. It is assumed that while you may lose some, you are a good enough gambler to come out slightly ahead.

Suggested Characteristics
Contrary to what others may think, gambling is as much about knowing the people you are with rather than random luck. Knowing how a person will react is the key to being successful in any type of situation, whether they are your companions or an enemy.

Personality Trait
1. I like to study the eyes of everyone I meet.
2. Many decisions I make by flipping a coin.
3. In every conversation I try to let the other person speak first.
4. When I am focused on something I tend to blur out everything else.
5. I like to use gambling metaphors a lot.
6. I dislike people who lie to me outside of a game.
7. I’ve learned that being polite will go a long way.
8. I like to pretend I am dumber than I really am.

1. Nonchalant. We all have to deal with the hand we are given. (Neutral)
2. Charity. I don’t keep all my winnings for myself. (Good)
3. Risk-taker. I love living not knowing what is coming next. (Chaotic)
4. Ethical. Even games of chance have rules. It’s not a challenge unless I can win and still play within those rules. (Lawful)
5. Cheater. It is easier to fleece the marks if I cheat. (Evil)
6. Lazy. Working for a living is for chumps. (Any)

1. I like to keep back-up stashes scattered around in case I ever run into a string of bad luck.
2. I still keep the first coin I won in a game. It is my good luck charm.
3. I won a deed to some land a while ago. I haven’t had time to go check it out yet.
4. Most of my winnings go to the orphanage I was raised in.
5. I once lost a big game to another gambler. I want a rematch if I ever see him again.
6. I have groupies. I have a reputation of being a respected gambler and people like to watch me play.

1. I do not like to make eye contact or be expressive with my body language. Most people find this very disconcerting.
2. I assume everyone is hiding something from me.
3. Right now I’m in the middle of a string of bad luck. Not sure how to get out of it.
4. If someone tells me something can’t be done, I’ll give it a try.
5. If I have money in my pocket, I either have to spend it or gamble it.
6. I once won a big game against some unsavory types. They want their money back.