June 11, 2013

Your Favorite Module Series - Results

Last month I ran a poll to see what D&D module series was their favorite. This was not about the best single module, but the best set of connected modules. I offered up 6 different series ranging from 1E to 3E (and allowed for write-ins) and the results are in. We only had 13 participants, but since this site doesn't get a lot of viewership that is a pretty good number. And the results are...

6      Queen of the Spiders (G1-Q1)
3      Darksun (DS1-DSQ3)
2      Desert of Desolation (I3-I5)
1      Scourge of the Slavelords (A1-A4)
1      Rappan Athuk (1-3)
0      Dragonlance (DL1-DL14)

That Queen of the Spiders won is no surprise to me; it has been a perennial favorite for years now. I was a little surprised Darksun did so well, but I think it was more about the world of Darksun than any greatness in the modules. I'm a bit surprised Scourge of the Slavelords didn't do better and even more surprised Dragonlance didn't get any votes.

Thanks to all those who voted. It was a fun look at modules series.