September 19, 2014

5E Friday - DMG

WotC announced that the Dungeon Master's Guide is being pushed back 3 weeks...

-Good. From the article this decision was made because they are incorporating feedback from the Player's Handbook and late DMG playtests. I like the fact they did not write the DMG early and set it in stone. They have a chance to really "connect" with their buyers with this.

-If people are upset it is because they are looking forward to it. If there is any nerd rage over this (and I have not seen that much) it is actually a good sign.

-Horde of the Dragon Queen was rife with editorial errors and to me came across as rushed. Pushing back the DMG will allow for the final sweep of editing and content and avoid similar mistakes. We won't need as much errata or official changes. The DMG is the "final" rulebook and as such will be the defining book for a lot of people as to whether or not 5E is worth jumping their current rpg ship for.

-I am looking forward to it as it will help me with my own design work...but I can wait.

-Early release date is Black Friday...ouch.

-I suspect they will release the "Basic DMG" online earlier or at least as close to their original release date.

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