August 14, 2017

I have a kickstarter!

As some of you have noticed I have been remiss with this blog (though I am having some fun doing the latest RPGaDAY event - part of the reason I joined in was to do some writing here). What have I been doing with the time I haven't been writing here? I went and made a game...and now I have a kickstarter for it. Here is the official blurb...

After The Crash is a 5E Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy RPG launched as a Kickstarter. This is a collaborative endeavor between me and my wife, as we translated her Gamma World campaign into the 5E ruleset. The Kickstarter is for a full 250+ page book that presents a plethora of new material consisting of 4 races, 9 classes (6 reworks of existing classes and 3 new ones), 27 archetypes, 20 backgrounds, 160+ mutations, 60+ artifacts, and 40+ monsters. Included will be a completely new setting and a starter adventure. Stretch goals will have more monsters and adventures if we hit them.

We are excited about this Kickstarter and hope you can check it out and pledge your support.

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