August 8, 2017

RPGaDAY #8 - Good and short RPGs

What is a good RPG to play for sessions 2hrs or less? 

Right now I'm going to go with 5E D&D. Combat moves much faster while still retaining good choices and resource management. Because the combats flow faster it means you can pack in more non-combat scenes as well. I usual run games for 3 hours or so (sometimes 2 if we end up chatting about non-game things that night) and I've found that in the game night there is enough opportunities for everyone to shine at some point. If a player is rolling badly in one fight the luck evens out for them in the next. If they prefer role-play over combat there is enough time for that in the night as well. For my group, the speed of 5E allows for more to happen in a shorter period of time which in turn allows everyone to do something cool in the session.

I find heavy die rolling games or those with lots of sub-systems to bog down the game. Also games with greater complexity or too many options as well. Once a game slows down if also slows down opportunities for players/characters to shine.

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