August 13, 2017

RPGaDAY #13 - Things that changed how I play

Describe a game experience that changed the way you play.

I am playing a druid named Brie Wildways. His highest stat was a 12 (Wisdom), but the highlight was his Intelligence of 6 (bad die rolling). It was at a college game with about 12 other people (they had a lot of people there). It was an ongoing campaign where the rules were played loosely, especially during character generation (lots of unofficial material was allowed). We had a vampire and a githyanki in the party if that tells you anything.

For some unknown reason the githyanki didn't like my character. As the campaign progressed he became more belligerent to me. He started attacking trees and other aspects of nature knowing that I would have to try and stop him...which with my pathetic stats was not going to be possible. So I tried and got beaten down and was going to be killed if some of the other characters (who he also had antagonized) hadn't come to my rescue. To this day I still don't know why he was so belligerent to me and the others. It seemed like some sort of power-play on the player's part. It soured my game play experience as there was no real need for him to be a jerk other than to do it.

Since then I have tried to live up to the mantra...
"An RPG game is a shared experience. Your fun doesn't trump the fun of anyone else at the table."

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