August 21, 2017

RPGaDAY #21 - Most succinct RPG

What RPG does the most with the least words? 

There does seem to be a trend in game design to use the most words possible. This is usually done to either sound intelligent or to pad the word count for a higher paycheck. Some do it well and others are painfully obvious. So who has the most succinct rpg? To be honest I am not sure. Each rpg seems to fall into some sort of verbosity either by explaining the same rule in multiple locations or wanting to add flavor text. There are of course various rpgs out there are specifically designed to be short and limited to as few pages as humanly possible (the result of various online contests) but these tend to be fringe or one-off niche rpgs. I personally am looking at rpgs meant to appeal to a broader market.
If I have to give an answer right now without looking at my stack of games, I'd go with Savage Worlds. The rules are fairly trim and to the point. This seems to actually extend to supplements/settings written even by third parties. Overall Savage Worlds keeps on target and endeavors to provide only as much written material as needed.

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